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Bulldog Books distributes and stocks a large number of titles in this category.

We also stock a range of back-catalogue and books no longer in print from publishers listed below.

Click on the links where provided to go to the Publishers' websites. Please note that prices listed are in the currency of origin and generally not AUS$.

Please Contact Us for AUS$ prices or further details.

Alyson Publications
Alyson Publications (USA)
Banquet Press
Banquet Press (Australia)
Bella Books
Bella Books (USA)
Big Fib
Big Fib Books (UK)
Blood Moon Productions (USA)
Bold Strokes
Bold Strokes Books (USA)
Bywater Books
Bywater Books (USA)
Cleis Press
Cleis Press (USA)
Clouds of Magellan
Clouds of Magellan (Australia)
Diva Books
Diva Books (UK) - no website
Dreamspinner Press
Dreamspinner Press (USA)
Gay Mens Press
Gay Mens Press (UK) - no website
Gay Sunshine Press
Gay Sunshine Press (USA) - no website
GLB Publishers
GLB Publishers (USA)
Haworth Press
Haworth Press (USA)
Icon Empire
Icon Empire (Canada)
Intaglio Publications
Intaglio Publications (USA)
Leyland Publications
Leyland Publications (USA) - no website
Millivres Books
Millivres Books (UK) - no website
MLR Press
MLR Press (USA)
Nazca Plains
Nazca Plains Corporation (USA)
New Victoria Publishers
New Victoria Publishers (USA) - no website
Onlywomen Press
Only Women Press (UK)
Palari Books
Palari Books (USA)
Belhue Press
Belhue Press (USA)
Prowler Press
Prowler Press (UK) - no website
Romentics (USA)
Seventh Window
Seventh Window Publications (USA)
Shady Ladies Press
Shady Ladies Press (USA) - no website
Spinsters Ink
Spinsters Ink (USA)
Star Books Press
Star Books Press (USA)
Suspect Thoughts
Suspect Thoughts Press (USA)
Wildcat Press
Wildcat Press (USA)
Womens Work Press
Womens Work Press (USA) - no website
Zipper Books
Zipper Books (UK) - no website

Last updated 28/2/13

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